Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Part I - Welcome to Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature...Paris, France - Clubland

(All Photos by Tavarua)

"The Hunting Horn"....

"The Stag and Wolf Room"

I invite you to walk with me and experience an amazing home -  Once the home of Francois and Jacqueline Sommer...situated in the historic Marais district.

Francois had a pure passion for Hunting and Nature as well as being a collector of weapons, books and art (featuring animals)... as you well understand by now the subject in all of his collections were Hunting and Nature...

"The Horse room"

"The Dog Room"

In the gallery of animal portraits you will find works by Jan Brughel, Francois Desportes and Peter Paul Rubens.

The bond between animal and man...our extension...the dog

A homage to hunting - to be continued...

Clubland Part V

The Travellers

At late afternoon you could find me here at The Travellers.

May I offer you something to drink...

before we walk for an evening at Cercle de l’Union Interalliée.

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