Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dutch/American - Figurative - Abstract/Expressionist Artist - Willem de Kooning(1904-1997)

Willem in his later years....
The Artist as a young man in his East 10Th St. studio - 1956

Since the 1940s he had been painting figurative women after 1950 subjects of women got to be where he explored further still figurative, but we also feel and see a turbulent inner world of Willem crystallize on his canvases. In the 1960s he would turn to make sculptures. Some of his works are rather wild in their expression, aggressive and wildly painted - The period of Jackson Pollock and other artists 1960s typical way of freedom of expression. To appreciate abstract art you have to have an open mind, a mind of imagination crossing over traditional borders - it is simple but simplicity means complication as well in the human mind. Abstract art will challenge your own artistic mind to work, work, and work. I have always been i two worlds - One from the old ancient world of tradition, obligation and the other part of a more bohemian intellectual artistic world, a mixture of contemporary/classical/zen it can all be an attractive mixture- if it is a contradiction ? It depends on your own reflection principle.

"Pink Angeles"

" Seated Woman"

"Queen of Hearts"

Willems wife - Elaine de Kooning

..unfortunately he ended his days with Alzheimer's disease.

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