Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Boars Death - Hog Spear - Pigsticking - Tusks

Old tradition in Europe and especially in Spain - I am talking about - Pig sticking/boar hunting the hunter is on horseback using long specialized boar/hog spear.

Hunting party...

India - Two of my relatives were British Officers, stationed in Bombay, India - that led my thoughts to...... Pig Sticking - It was here in the British Imperial India that pig sticking became a popular sport among the military officers.

Pig Sticking is still practiced today. There are two types of spears used in the sport - the first one is short Bengal spear used for overhand and/or then the long Bombay/Northern Indian spear used underhand.

There are two types of hunting methods - Chur hunting which occurs in open fields and the you have the village hunt which is mainly in built up country areas.

A Boars Death


The Trophy Room

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