Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cold Steel - The Art of Fencing - The Fencing Master - Aldo Nadi

Saber Fencer...

Vintage Fencing Mask

Here I am with Don Appling - He was the oldest fencer in the US (until he passed away) competing in all three weapons - Foil - Epee - Saber at The US National.

Siegfried Lerdon

A sport "Par Excellence", tradition, in the old days the "Master of Fence" belonged to a select class - the Aristocracy - it was prestige that went with it. Fencing has changed and today fencers come from all walks of life.
Academic Fencing - Mensur
Academic Fencing

Academic Fencing is being practised to this day. But we will cover that in another post.

Aldo Nadi, some consider him the greatest swordsman who ever lived. He was the son of a famous Italian Maître d'Armes. Aldo began fencing at four - Moved to the US in 1935 and owned Salle d'Armes in Manhattan's Savoy-Plaza. Nado handsome, arrogant, undefeated for 15 years had a glamorous lifestyle, he enjoyed the glamour of Cannes and Monte Carlo. There was not often you would catch him without a beautiful woman by his side.

Aldo Nadi

Aldo Nadi (1899 - 1965) - He came from The Classical Italian School of Swordsmanship - he lived and ended his days in Los Angeles, California. He wrote The Living Sword: A Fencer's Autobiography.

Fencing at the Jockey Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina
A nice performance........

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