Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hunting and Gatherings...Time on Your Side...

Tribal Jewelry - or Tribal Inspired Jewelry - Nature has its own way of creating its art objects...

Simplicity can be the ultimate elegance...

Necklace Papua New Guinea

Bring back jewelry, 


fabrics, textiles ...

and rugs from your more exotic travels...

although pay attention to detail it has to fit her personality and lifestyle...

Simple and elegant

Loro Piana
You know why... understated elegance, they have no visible logo, they keep a low profile. Takes them years to introduce new products and they produce the highest and some of the best quality textiles around.

Simplicity wear it on the right occasion -  for her - us hmmmm sometimes... moments to be remembered from your travels

Necklaces - Design Artist Julie Cohn - Texas

Travel Tote bag

Give her your favorite shirt...for those great mornings...or your PJ top from Derek Rose

Coffee brought back from your travels from Cape Verde - Jamaica - Colombia - Vietnam or maybe just NY...

Coffee and the Art of Skulls and Bones

Flowers when she least expect it ... be match her ...

 Cheval d'Orient - Tableware from Hermès 

If not flowers bring her...peppers

A Simple Oyster knife -  keep two in your travel pack 

Well, and two knives for clams not to be forgotten

Simplicity displayed - a collection of eggs

Bring some quail eggs in a birds nest... 

with a bottle of her favorite wine... bring a basket of fresh sea urchins...and if you did not know there are over 700 different species in the oceans around the world - Chile, it is said to have some of the best ones.

 ...make some "gravad" trout - whole trout with skin on -  mixed peppercorns at least five different corn types and add extra dill -  you could add a few very thin slices of lime as well marinate it to perfection 36 hours.

Find an abandoned house set it all up for that perfect picnic...

A simple old bowl with nicely arranged fruit...

Long sleeve "Haute Boheme" sweaters for her in the field as well as by the fire place 

Hunting and Gatherings - Anything "old" Filson

RL leather jacket for us with a pair of jeans matched up with Red Wings Iron Ranger boots,your scarfs and a good vintage watch. 

Red Wings Iron Rangers

Go for a picnic in your antique or vintage old truck, wagoneer, jeep or land rover/cruiser... up by the river.

Relax after a day... the field

             Drink a glass of wine - enjoy life...
          tell a story...write a poem at late hours

Barbour Tweed Jacket

Holland & Holland

Good old hunting knives from Beretta - Purdey  - Holland & Holland or hand made by the Laplanders in the Arctics.

Field sports related antiques from Holland & Holland

Boar Tusks and Sterling Candlesticks

Diana Vreeland - Boar tusk bracelets and necklace.
The right gift for her to wear - simplicity and elegance.

Always on the wish list...from good old Weatherby, Sako, Winchester, 

Remington, Krieghoff, Browning, AyA, 

Carl-Gustaf, Beretta, Purdey,

 Holland & Holland, Churchill, William Evans, Westley Richards, Faust and 

not to forget CZ and a few other gun and rifle makers...

  it is all about a practical, functional, quality and a good"workhorse"...

Engravings (Artist Unknown)

Boots for her - Holland & Holland - canvas and leather of course...

Rucksack from Bōle, Sweden 

For your travels when you set up your temporary camp or Travellers Nest - Hermès folding desk in caramel colored leather and walnut. 

Contemporary living or just Haute Boheme - Rockin’ chaise by designer duo Greg and Roché Dry

Design by Josef Frank in 1938

Senlis outdoor saddle, natural color with smooth finish from Hermès... 

for her horse

One Life - Live It
Remember that time is silent...and slowly the seasons will pass you by.