Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hunting and Gatherings for your next Voyage

 Hunting and Gatherings for your next Voyage

Hermès for your travel desk "Under Canvas"

From 1929 to the late 1950's -  Arcitect and Designer - Paul Dupre-Lafon collaborated with Hermès and produced many great, elegant and understated items.

Contemporary - Understated elegance by Hermès - Campaign desk - Sycamore and leather

Hermès - Folding chair

Hermès - Folding side table

Hermès - Folding foot stool - Pear wood and leather

Hermès - Portable lounge chair  -Teak and leather

 19th Century  Ivory smoking set

Weather conditions for today? Barometer in a Sterling silver case

Reading glasses in a shagreen case...

Bring something to read from your library - with those reading glasses - Well, perhaps from  ??? 1675

"Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time".
- E.P. Whipple

At breakfast

One of my Travel "moustache cups".. to use on those occasions and times i have a beard.
You say moustache cup ??? Well, it is a drinking cup with a moon-shaped opening so we can keep the moustache/beard dry.  Invented in the 1860s.

Under the tropical sun and midday - perhaps some fresh squeezed lemonade...

We bring our past with us ??? Do we not???

and it all fits in your old family leather trunks/cases...

Bon Voyage...Travellers

Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Morning Breakfast...

Not at the M... 

 Lobster tails on the grill for breakfast...


"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast".
-Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back from Egypt and now - Unpacking at a Travellers Nest...

(All photos by Tavarua)

Back from Egypt - Unpacking at a "Travellers Nest" well -  simplicity, simplicity, simplicity...
Has your  travels trained you well when it comes to pack your suitcases and steamertrunks???

Headdress from Turkmenistan - I  use them as a lampshades...

The past - inspiration for what to come...

Pipes, humidor and  more books...

From room to room - the floors are covered with rugs - I walk on a part of my past and travels...

"Tod"  - having breakfast...

 and then it is more to unpack...

Sister of Autumn...

Daughter of mother earth
Sisters of seasons
Sisters of life - I am your brother of early days of fall
Together we walk into the deep forest of life and wonder
Sister of  Spring and birth
Sister of Summer - you were our youth , dreams and laughter
Now you are both long gone to the memories of the past
You woke the spirits of dreams, curiosity and exploration at heart
Sister of Autumn 
 Sister of colors- the sun melting the frosty cold with its beams
So this early morning travels
Sister of Autumn - we now share thoughts and feelings of happiness of the remaining of days
Gone is the icy night 
Cold air - incense of frozen mist is this day
A crystallized midsummer haze
Sister of Autumn - we walk under the canopy of warmth and fire of ever changing colors
Sister of Autumn -  we now stand in the midst of the forest as summer is drifting back in her sleep
Our thoughts rises with the steams from your creeks, rivers and lakes
Frost on my collar - I take another step and travel into a new season in the fields and gardens of life


There are two lives - One we was given and one we make...