Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ice House Cafe & Oyster Bar...

A Penguin meets you at the entrance...

"Tavarua" recommends; 

Ice House Cafe & Oyster Bar

Ice House Cafe was once an ice storage it is located in the historic Herndon, Virginia and has been there since 1979...the atmosphere has a cozy pleasing warm feel to it...

I had to pop in for some stout,oysters and seared tuna...Excellent

A few Appetizers from the Menu:
Calamari Athena
Oyster Rockefellar
Oyster Oscar
Smoked Duckling Quesadilla Con Carnitas
Spiced Shrimp
Steamed Clams

Chesapeake - Oysters on the half-shell with a glas of Stout...
The eastern oyster is definitely one of the most famous of the aquatic species to be found in the Chesapeake Bay area.

A few Entrees on the Menu:
Ostrich Steak de Milan
Duck Oriental 
Lamb Shank Provencal
Ice House Crab Cakes
Ahi Tuna Au Poivre

Black and White Sesame Crusted Tuna over a bed of mixed greens; drizzeled with a ginger garlic cilantro miso dressing.

It has several small dining rooms

Pop in for Drinks and Jazz Nights on Friday and Saturdays
Blues to contemporary sounds

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