Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Matto Grosso, the Brazilian jungles and the disapperance of Colonel Fawcett in 1925

Explorer (for the Royal Geographic Society), Archaeologist, a strange disappearance of him and his expedition in 1925 has always been of an interest to me. After studying historical and legends about The Lost City/World - he truly belived he had mapped the location of the lost ancient city in the jungles of the Central Brazilian Plateau. As his disapperance has been a mystery and explorers still are looking for an El Dorado the Lost World of Fawcwett keep fascinate us. Fawcett had been sending reports to the Viceroy at Bahia from the Paraguassu River. That was when the last was heard from the expedition.Expeditions in this area had been conducted by the Portuguese in 1743 but it is said that the legend began in 1622. The city had been described in detail. Fawcett was a man of action, he had been exploring Brazilian-Bolivian Frontier 1906 - 1909 and had led before the Brazilian expedition seven expeditions.
Occasionally the interest of Colonel Fawcett reappears but is it Fawcett we are interested in or is it the Lost World and perhaps the El Dorado???

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