Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thoughts from a simple Traveller - "Shabby Chic" and Eccentricity

(Photo by Tavarua)

A few years back in Clubland -  I overheard a conversation about "Shabby Chic" 

 Rather interesting concept "Shabby Chic"

I was amused????

"Shabby Chic" 

Well, is that what we call it???

Hmmm - a style of intelllectual and social overtone appering as an effortless understated elegance of times passed by.  Interiors that bring back life of an era of unsurpassed good quality and taste.  Well, now suddenly "someone" had assigned a old way of living/life a name and thought about reproducing it of how many grew up and lived. Pasted down from generation to generation with the imprint of old faded grandeur, peeling paint from untouched walls, faded old fabrics, the rich painted canvases, tooled leather, chipped and scuffed solid mahogny furniture, piles of old leather bound volumes, crumbling leather - an interior which had aged in its own way until it has reached that perfect comfort of plain simplicity and dignified old age.  

Aesthetic splendours  - eccentric untamed sophistication from the days of Under Canvas to Ancestral homes. Maybe it does not follow any pattern at all.  Perhaps it just follow the character of the person who lives there.

  Does it have to do with Eccentricity? We know that the Eccentrics do not care about what is in fashion, rules, criticism, money or time which are all of little concern for them. Their mind has a creative impulse as well as an uconforming attitude.  Sometimes definitely serious Eccentricity and sometimes making the best of what you had/have - when there were no money to repair,restore or to replace. 

"Shabby Chic" - This is and will always be an atmosphere that can never artificially be recreated.  "Shabby Chic" is a bourgeois concept.

Still - Interior Decoration is one of life's greatest creative pleasures.

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