Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunters and The Hunted - Victorian Taxidermy - Ireland's Natural History Museum

Taxidermy Part I

A Victorian Traditional Cabinet Museum

During the Victorian era Taxidermy was a part of the interior design.  Taxidermist such as Van Ingen & Van Ingen were one of the most famous and largest taxidermist you could find in India. Actually, one of the largest taxidermists in the world.  Famous for their tiger and leopard throphy mounts.  They were in business from 1890 to 1999.

and not to be forgotten Rowland Ward

(Photos by Tavarua)
Extinct Giant Irish Deer.

The ground floor is dedicated to the wildlife of Ireland.


 Basking Shark


The common skate (Raja Batis) is the largest of skates and rays in western Europe and west of Ireland is one of the skate's 
few remaining strongholds, Had some skate the other day - delicious...


Very little has changed here since 1857...and indeed one of the best taxidermy exhibits I have visited. 

 The Royal Dublin Society purchased in 1792 one of Europes largest natural history collections.

Victorian Taxidemry at its best.




  1. a catalogue of bones & the smells of the dead botany of victorian boxes long unopened, like the illustrations of a fairy tale ... and i love that gorgeous hooded falcon!