Collage - Journal 1932...

Collage - Journal 1932...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hunting and Gatherings for your next Safari

I was recently asked - Why do I travel with Roorkhee Chair(s) ? - Light Travel - Light Chairs...

Leather wrapped vintage binoculars with leather case

Beretta Safari Jacket

We keep on moving as travellers - Keep it to a minimum of books, safari chairs, steamertrunks, leather and canvas bags...

F.M. Allen - Long Sleeve Safari Shirt - repels water on the  outside and wicks moisture away from the body on the inside which, keeps you cool and dry.

Holland & Holland - Leather Shooting Gloves


Double-prong belt from J L Powell

of course we add on a few leather bound journals each year and...hmmm minimum will try to keep that in mind when I move to the next continent...

 Hermès- leather bound event planner for those tropical evenings...

Toiletry Kit - Col. Littleton from Orvis

Leather Passport holders by Valextra- Valextra and Orphan Aid collaborated and a portion of the money goes to support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana.

Valextra passport holder is available at Barneys New York.

More books for your collection...

 or bring a book as a present to your friend...

A good cigar ...

A simple and elegant bench - You will leave this bench behind at your "Travelers Nest"

For your travels - Here is one of my favorites -
a Mulholland Brothers Safari Bag

Always have an oyster knife and a glove packed - you never know when you need it.

An old issue of The Beretta Magazine

- Bon Voyage -


  1. Tavarua-

    Your new photos and header are superb. Best ever.
    Loved the Jordan images.
    Agree with you about Beretta: everything they do is top of the top.
    Love their new catalog--and the women's collection is chic and functional. Most impressed. (Also the etched shotguns...but that's another story.) cheers, DIANE

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